Hi! We're the #debunkthisfauci Team!

We have no political interests, no religious affiliation, and we hold firm one single belief, that all available SARS-CoV-2 data should be available globally. We as a planet have been, and will continue to be affected by the virus and the decisions made as a result of its presence on our planet.


People will be exposed, there will be damages and loss as a result of our actions, we understand this. Sadly, this is a necessary component of the process, the established powers that be have left us no choice. They drew the line when it became a global issue, the line was crossed when people died and they saw it as an opportunity they could exploit. The line was forever destroyed when they implemented the plan.

We do what we do out of love, not hate. Love for our country, love for your countries, love for our people, love for your people. 

Love, not hate, that's what will fix this problem, so we're bringing you the tough love that nobody else can or will.

Thank you for your participation, we appreciate each of you as the individuals you are and the team that we all represent.